The Top Jobs in the Arlington, Virginia Area

Virginia offers a mix of subtropical climate and noteworthy history. This area stretches from the
Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains. Virginia is home to many lovers of the outdoors
and coastal living. There’s a sprawling economy as well and we’re going to discuss some of the
best employers in Virginia, specifically in Arlington.

Happy Endings Hospitality

You may be able to tell that this local business loves the play on words. The three brothers that
own this franchise have 3 locations within Virginia and employ over 150 people. They are
committed to the hospitality industry. They saw the opportunity in bringing uncommon cuisine to
their Arlington town. They wanted to open a restaurant to serve the Cajun seafood that they
grew up with while living in Louisiana.
Chasin’ Tails was the first of many that they opened in the area. During the most recent
economic downturn due to the COVID pandemic, the food industry was one of many industries
that took a hard hit. The U.S. and many other countries were shown how much they depend on
these industries and how poorly the employees in this business are treated.
With Happy Endings Hospitality, they implemented programs to help their crews with therapy,
yoga, and gym memberships. They realized that their employees needed all the help they can
get. Additionally, half of their executives are female and they cover 100% of health insurance for
their executives.

Telecommunications Industry Association

Although it’s a mouthful, this industry is one of the most important ones operating today. They
create communications technologies and products such as cellular towers, satellites, and other
devices and systems. TIA, as it is abbreviated, represents over 400 companies. Many of its
employees consist of engineers, software developers, and strategy and marketing managers.
TIA is known for hiring many people of diversity. Their workforce is 58.9% female and 42.5%
ethnic minorities. If working for a company that has a multicultural workforce is important to you,
then you would love working at TIA. Many of the potential residents of Virginia looking at
Arlington real estate are those that work in the technology sector.
Arlington is a hub of creative industries. With its proximation to the D.C. area, there are a lot of
political and government sectors as well. Northern Virginia is home to seven Fortune 500
companies and has been continuously voted one of the best business climates in the UnitedStates. Ultimately, living in Virginia can provide economic stability while giving you amazing
weather to enjoy. It’s a win-win.

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Another mouthful of a business name, but as you can see, there’s somewhat of a recurring
theme. If you have ever traveled through Maryland and Virginia, you would have noticed there is
a lot of federal and private land. These areas sometimes require specific clearances for security
measures. This makes sense because the energy industry is something that affects all of us and
these companies and industries must be safe and secure.
The NRECA is a key player in the nonprofit sector and helps bring communication growth to
every corner of the United States. It’s important to us citizens to be able to communicate with
those who don’t live near us. This has become even more prevalent post COVID times. NRECA
additionally contributes to providing electricity to farms and rural areas across the nation.
Whether you decide to move to Arlington to join the aerospace sector, the hospitality industry, or
work for the communications sector, you’ll love the schools for your kiddos. Additionally, if you
have children looking into universities, there is Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia.
Check out what else Arlington has to offer and as being a wealthy state with affordable costs of