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Sex Education Season 3 : Date of Release, Reviews and Casts

The streaming service announced the renewal within a month of the superb second season’s debut, which we burned through in only a few of sittings.

Sex Education keeps up with worries, sexual hang up of the students and the life, The parent’s of student of school of Moordale high school , situated within the frankly gorgeous Welsh countryside.


The son and the Mother – the Asa Butterffield and the Gillian Anderson – they plan for applying their knowledge of sexual psychology to their increasing conflict life : Otis for a few quick cash, and Jean to sincerely help those in need, plus an honest helping of curiousity. The show quickly grew out of this premise and attracted a various ensemble cast able to tackle all manner of social and sexual problems.

Below, we’ll break down what we all know about Sex Education season 3 thus far , including its likely release date, returning cast and possible storylines. Spoilers follow.

Sex Education season 3 is confirmed

Netflix confirmed that Sex Education season 3 is within the works on February 10, 2020. As reported by Deadline back in 2019, the primary season of the show drew in a powerful 40 million viewers during its premiere week, therefore the renewal is not any surprise.


Sex Education season 3 is Expected to Release in 2021

Much like season 2’s initial reveal trailer, which featured Gillian Anderson delivering a sultry monologue about the advantages of sex ed, the season 3 teaser is playfully narrated by Alistair Petrie’s Principal Groff.


We see the troublemaking principal walking the halls of Moordale High, passing portraits of Sex Education’s main cast as he notes what the longer term could possibly hold for every of them. The teaser wraps up with a call for participation to seek out out more within the coming third season, but stops in need of revealing an actual release date.


If Netflix holds faithful its current pattern of release for the show, which given its rating success seems possible, we predict we’ll see season 3 release in January 2021.

Sex Education season 3 Storyline

In an interview with LADbible, Nunn touches on the tight working schedule for the series, noting that the writing process of another season before confirmed renewal may be a normal part of how TV production works.
His popularity clearly hasn’t gone all of sudden , because the teaser video for the third season is essentially focused on the potential of his blooming romance together with his former bully Adam.

The timeless ‘will they, won’t they?’ dance between Otis and Maeve (Mackey) seems set to return to a head.



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