SEO Friendly Article

How to Write SEO Friendly Article: Rank on First Position in 2021

SEO Friendly Article

One of the best way to grow your website or increase the quantity of traffic on your website without increasing your marketing budget is to write a SEO Friendly Article.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process or the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of the traffic by targeting the audience with specific target keyword through the organic search.

what does SEO Friendly Article Means?

SEO Friendly Article is a type is Article which creates in such a way that helps the search engines to rank it on the higher position in search results.

How to make SEO Friendly Article

  1. Use of Headlines and sub – headlines to optimize your content.
  2. Try to link your previous article by adding links.
  3. Optimize your article length.
  4. Choosing your target Keywords.
  5. Optimize image in article.
  6. Thr Article should be shareable.
  7. Article should be High quality content.

1- Use of Headlines and Sub – Headlines for Targeting Keywords

Headlines and sub-headlines have a very important role in SEO optimization.

It’s make your article Readable and clear therefore your viewers can read easily. Audience like to read and share the clear and readable content.

The same thing is with search engine bots. When the crawling bots Crawl your site they recognize the headlines and use them for there better understands for your content.

2 – Add link to Previous Content

Search engines rank the content on the basis of the number of backlinks they found.

Good content requires a good volume of backlinks – internal and external also.

3 – Optimize length of article

The length of the article is a very important aspect because in last few years google give the higher priority longer and high quality content so they can provide the full details to the viewers.

4 – Choosing your target Keywords

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Some writers start writing there content and leave the SEO part for the last but it’s not a efficient way for SEO optimization.

Just start identifying the keyword related to your article before writing the article, you can also use any keywords research tools also.

5 – Optimize Image for SEO Friendly Article

Your site should be attractive because ready more attract by the images as compared to text.

Make sure to optimize the size and the position of the image, and the image should be relevant to your article.

6 – Article should be shareable

when you have successfully optimization your article for SEO Friendly, now you need to make your article easier to shareable. Make it easy to shareable by adding social media buttons.

7 – Article should be High quality content

The best way to increase your viewers on the website and engage them with your content is to write an article that is helpful and interesting for your readers.

Some of Content Optimization Tools

1- Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a Fantastic tool for the writing and its resources. but it basically used for reviewing SEO Optimization of an article. This tool analyzes your article to find and highlights the errors and improvements areas.

2 – Read-Able

Read-Able is works similarly to Hemingway Editor, This tool has the ability to analyze your article based on the readability of content. But its not highlight the area of errors and “difficult to read” sentences, it give the overall score of readability.

Hopefully, you have found this content useful, if you will follow the tips and tools which I already explained in the above paragraphs

Top 13 Tips to Keep in Your Mind While Writing SEO Friendly Article

  1. Carry out a keyword research
  2. Structure your content
  3. Write catchy titles
  4. Write SEO friendly URLs
  5. Use small paragraphs
  6. Optimize meta description
  7. Optimize images
  8. Add links that make sense
  9. Use the optimal content length
  10. Optimize your content for mobile
  11. Update your content regularly
  12. Use social media share buttons
  13. Include schema markup

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