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CCSU BBA (405) – Research Methodology

Research Methodology
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Research Methodology
ccsu bba notes

1 – Unit of Research Methodology

 Unit 1 Introduction {Book}
1Meaning of ResearchVIEW
2Objectives of ResearchVIEW
3Types of ResearchVIEW
4Research ProcessVIEW
5Research Problem formulationVIEW

2 – Unit of Research Methodology

Unit 2 The Design of Research {Book}
1Research DesignVIEW
2Features of a Good designVIEW
3Different Research DesignsVIEW
4Measurement in ResearchVIEW
5Data typesVIEW
6Sources of ErrorVIEW

3 – Unit

 Unit 3 Sampling Design {Book}
1Census & Sample SurveysVIEW
2Steps in Sampling DesignVIEW
3Types of Sample designsVIEW
4Probability SamplingVIEW
5Types of probability SamplingVIEW
6Non Probability samplingVIEW
7Types of Non Probability samplingVIEW

4 – Unit

 Unit 4 Processing & Analysis of Data {Book}
1Processing OperationsVIEW
2Problems in processingVIEW
3Types of analysisVIEW
4Hypothesis TestingVIEW
5Chi-square testVIEW
7f-test, Z testVIEW

5 – Unit

 Unit 5 Presentation {Book}
1Diagrams, GraphsVIEW
3Report writing, Layout of Research reportVIEW
4Types of ReportsVIEW
5Mechanism of writing a Research ReportVIEW
6Precaution for Writing ReportVIEW

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