Pubg Mobile Unban in India
Pubg Mobile Unban in India

PUBG MOBILE UNBAN IN INDIA: As We all Know Pubg Mobile got banned on starting of Friday, 30th October due to the security reasons. The Indian Government Banned Pubg Mobile in the country under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. The ban stated that the app is engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defence and security of the country. Since then, a lot of developments have taken place, including PUBG Corporation revoking distribution rights for the game in India from Tencent. Still, there is no sign of the popular game making a return in the country any time soon. Pubg Mobile Ban

Recent Updates on Pubg Mobile ban in India

PUBG Mobile unban in India soon, According to new report. The report comes after the day when Tencent Games announced the immediate Pubg Mobile suspending India servers. While the Tencent move made the PUBG Mobile ban in India, sort of, final, it also offered closure to the whole saga so that the game can be rebooted in India. Pubg Mobile Ban

How Pubg Mobile unban in India

The talk on rebooting of the game and bringing Pubg Mobile unban in India is going on for a while. It involves finding a new game distributor now that Tencent is out of the picture. The original rights of the game are held by a Korean company, which created PUBG and then licenced the distribution of PUBG Mobile to Tencent, which is a China-based company. Now, this Korean company is looking into ways to bring PUBG back to India.

A report by TechCrunch notes that the relaunch preparations for PUBG Mobile in India have already started and that soon there could be a Diwali campaign to popularise the game. The report also says that currently, the owner of PUBG IP is looking to set-up India specific servers that will take care of the government concern around the data and privacy of India users. Pubg Mobile Ban

Back in September, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile, citing security issues, along with a host of other Chinese apps. While this led to the game getting booted out of the Play Store and iOS App Store, it was only in the October-end when the game was finally shuttered down in India after Tencent Games switched off its India servers. pubg mobile lite apk download

Ways that Pubg Mobile Unban in India Soon – pubg mobile lite india release date

If PUBG Corporation, wants to PUBG Mobile unban in India then they have to full fill all the requirements which require by the government of India. In which there will be no connection with any chinses companies and Tencent Games is no longer authorize to publish any game in India, There are the few steps which are all ready taken by the PUBG Corporation in view of unban Pubg Mobile in India as soon as possible.

Last week, PUBG Corporationannounced a merger with KRAFTON Inc, a South Korean video game holding company. This corporate merger will take PUBG Corporation. under the umbrella of Krafton and some major changes were announced following this acquisition, including a “revision of terms and conditions (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.) in accordance with the merger

Rumors on Unban of Pubg Mobile in India Dates – [Not Confirm Now]

  • Nov 15: New Publisher announcement.
  • Dec 02: Data Transfer.
  • Dec 2-15: Major Announcement.
  • Return Date – Dec-Jan

Upcoming Updates with Pubg Mobile – bgmi lite release date

Lots of the excited updates are coming with the Pubg mobile, We will the the update of Pubg Mobile 1.1.0 after the unban and with the update of 1.1.0 Season 16 will commence, bgmi lite release date

However, there is no official confirmation from the developers on the release of the new season. However, just like the previous season, there could be a gap of a single day between the old and start of the new season. pubg mobile lite india release date

Like every other season, the Royal Pass of Season 16 would have two variants – Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus for 600 UC and 1800 UC. Also, players have an option for subscription. bgmi lite release date

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