CCSU BBA (403) – Production Management

Production Management
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Production Management
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1 – Unit of Production Management

 Unit 1 {Book} 
1Nature & Scope of Production ManagementVIEW
2Functions of Production ManagementVIEW
3Production SystemsVIEW
4Responsibilities of Production ManagerVIEW
5Production Planning & Control (PPC)VIEW
6Objectives of PPCVIEW

2 – Unit of Production Management

 Unit 2 {Book} 
1Types of Manufacturing Systems: IntermittedVIEW
2Continuous Systems and others Manufacturing SystemsVIEW
3Product design & developmentVIEW

3 – Unit

 Unit 3 {Book} 
1Plant LocationVIEW
 Plant Location MethodsVIEW
 Factors affecting LocationVIEW
2Plant LayoutVIEW
 Factors affecting plant LayoutVIEW
 Types of Plant LayoutVIEW

4 – Unit

 Unit 4 {Book} 
1Materials ManagementVIEW
2Inventory ControlVIEW
3Purchasing Economic lot quality/Economic order quantity (EOQ)VIEW
4Lead time, Reorder level.VIEW
5ABC AnalysisVIEW
6Stock KeepingVIEW

5 – Unit

 Unit 5 {Book} 
1Quality ControlVIEW
2Phases of QCVIEW
3Quality AssuranceVIEW
4Quality CirclesVIEW
5Quality CostVIEW
8Statistical Quality ControlVIEW

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