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CCSU BBA (103) – Principles of Economics

Principles of Economics
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Principles of Economics
ccsu bba notes

1 – Unit of Principles of Economics

1Definition, Nature of Economics as an Art or ScienceVIEW
2Scope & Limitation of EconomicsVIEW
3Relevance of Economics in Business ManagementVIEW
4Utility AnalysisVIEW
5Marginal Theory of utilitiesVIEW
6Equi-Marginal theory of utilityVIEW

2 – Unit of Principles of Economics

1Meaning of Demand, Demand theory, and objectivesVIEW
2Demand theory objectivesVIEW
3Demand analysis, Demand scheduleVIEW
4Demand Curve and Nature of CurvesVIEW
5Laws of Demand Elasticity of Demand & TypesVIEW
6Laws of Demand Elasticity of Demand  MeasurementVIEW
7Indifference curves analysis Consumer EquilibriumVIEW
8Consumer Surplus: Price, Income and substitution effectVIEW

3 – Unit of Principles of Economics

1Production: Meaning and Analysis Production functionVIEW
2Laws of productionVIEW
3Laws of increasing returnsVIEW
4Laws of Constant ReturnsVIEW
5Equal Product Curves and Producer equilibriumVIEW

4 – Unit of Principles of Economics

1Market Analysis: Nature of marketVIEW
2Types of markets and their characteristicsVIEW
3Pricing under different market structures: Perfect MonopolyVIEW
4Pricing under different market structures: OligopolyVIEW
5Pricing under different market structures: Monopolistic completionVIEW
6Price Discrimination under Monopoly CompetitionVIEW

5 – Unit of Principles of Economics

 UNIT 5 
1Theories of factor pricingVIEW
2Factor pricing v/s Product pricingVIEW
3Theories of rentVIEW
4Theories of interestVIEW
5Theories of WagesVIEW
6Theories of ProfitVIEW
7Concept of Profit MaximizationVIEW

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