hello mini season 2
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Hello Mini Season 2: Date of Release, New Marvelous Cast, and All Information

Hello Mini Season 2
Hello mini season 2

Hello Mini Season 2: Hello, Mini is an Indian web series within the genre of drama, mystery, and thriller. The show has many scenes of romance, crime, and terror. It is directed by Faruk Kabir and may be watched on MX Player. The first season came out on 1st October 2019. The show follows Rivanah Bannerjee, who is also known as Mini. Mini is a normal independent girl with a good family, but later some twists come in her life. Fans have really loved the show and regarded it to be entertaining. It is based on a book named Marry Me Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty. Now Its Time of Hello Mini Season 2

When is Hello Mini Season 2 Release Date?

The First Season was MarvelousThe second season of Hello Mini are going to be beginning around October 2020. The official announcement has not been made yet, but watching the pattern of the last series, it’s our predicted date.

What is Hello Mini Season 2 All About?

The story revolves around Mini, who may be a normal girl with a boyfriend and a supportive family. She soon reveals her life to be in peril when she becomes conscious of a stalker after she shifts to Mumbai. The stalker has been shown as an interesting character who is totally unknown. We do not know about his name or face or voice. Texting is the only means of communication of this stalker as he plays every move with the motive of controlling Mini’s life and continues to threaten her. Hello mini season 2

In a weird way, the stalker also helps her in times of need and fulfills his own demands which overall helps the society too. Fans keep on guessing who this stalker is, and that is what keeps the excitement alive. The show is filled with mind games and nail-biting moments. The last five episodes were regarded as the best ones. Violation of privacy has really been taken to subsequent level within the show. From the beginning itself, shocking events begin to return out, which involves a sexual abuse scene. The show actually has too many sexual encounters, which could turn a number of the viewers off. Hello mini season 2

Some of the areas of improvement include character designing. Every male character seems to be attracted to Mini in the show. The performances could improve as well. Many unnecessary elements also play its part in the show. Hello mini season 2

Who is the Cast of Hello Mini Season 2 ?

The cast of the show involves Anuja Joshi as the protagonist. The other actors include Mrinal Dutt, Priya Banerjee, Gaurav Chopra, Arjun Aneja, Ankur Rathee, and Anshul Pandey. The cast has all Indian actor who has worked in many TV series and serials and movies as well. Anuja has worked in 13 Mussoorie and Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala. Hello mini season 2

Hello Mini Season 2 Official Trailer


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