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CCSU BBA (401) – Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior
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Consumer Behavior

1 – Unit of Consumer Behavior

 UNIT 1 {Book Link} 
1Introduction to consumer Behavior (CB): Importance,VIEW
2Scope of Consumer BehaviorVIEW
3Need for studying consumer BehaviorVIEW
4Consumer Research ProcessVIEW

2 – Unit of Consumer Behavior

 UNIT 2 Consumer Models: {Book Link} 
1Economic ModelVIEW
2Psychoanalytic ModelVIEW
3Sociological ModelVIEW
4Howard & Seth model, Nicosia model, Engel-kollat-Blackwell modelVIEW

3 – Unit

 UNIT 3 {Book Link} 
1Individual DeterminatesVIEW
2Perceptual processVIEW
3Consumer Learning processVIEW
4Consumer attitude formationVIEW
5Attitude MeasurementVIEW
6Meaning and nature of personality, Self-ConceptVIEW

4 – Unit

 UNIT 4 {Book} 
1Influences & Consumer Decision making: FamilyVIEW
2Reference GroupVIEW
3Personal, Social and cultural influence on CBVIEW
4Consumer Decision making processVIEW
5Consumer Communication processVIEW
6Consumer SatisfactionVIEW

5 – Unit

 UNIT 5 {Book} 
1Industrial Buying Behaviour: ParticipantsVIEW
2Characteristics of industrial marketsVIEW
3Factors influencing industrial marketsVIEW
4Stages of industrial buying processVIEW
5Customer and Marketing of servicesVIEW

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