Business Law

Business Law
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Business Law

1 – Unit of Business Law

Unit 1 (Book)
1Indian Contract Act: Definition and essentialsVIEW
2Contracts AgreementsVIEW
3Offer & Acceptance ConsiderationVIEW
4Capacity of parties Free ConsentVIEW
5Essential of contract, Valid ContractsVIEW
6Performance of ContractsVIEW
7Terminal (Termination) of ContractVIEW
8Consequence of Contract terminal (Termination)VIEW
9Remedies of Contract terminal (Termination)VIEW

2 – Unit of Business Law

Unit 2 (Book)
1Void ContractVIEW
2Contingent contractVIEW
3Implied contractVIEW
4Quasi contractVIEW
5Indemnity ContractVIEW
6Guarantee contractVIEW
9Pledge contractVIEW
10Agency contractVIEW

3 – Unit of Business Law

Unit 3 Sales of Goods Act: (Book)
1Sale contract: Definition, FeaturesVIEW
2Formation of Sale ContractVIEW
3Contents of sale contract: Goods, Price, Condition and WarrantyVIEW
4Ownership of goods and transferVIEW
5Performance of sale contract, DeliveryVIEW
6Rights of unpaid sellersVIEW
7Auction SaleVIEW

4 – Unit of Business Law

Unit 4 (Book)
1Indian Partnership Act: Definition and Nature of PartnershipVIEWVIEW
2Incorporation of PartnershipVIEW
3Eligibility to be Partner, Relationship of partnersVIEW
4Partnership DeedVIEW
5Partners as agentVIEW
6Mutual and Third parties Relation of PartnersVIEW
7Registration of Partnership, Winding up of PartnershipVIEW

5 – Unit of Business Law

Unit 5 (Book)
1Definition, Features of Negotiable InstrumentsVIEW
2Types Recognition of Negotiable InstrumentsVIEW
3Crossing of Negotiable InstrumentsVIEW
4Endorsement of Negotiable InstrumentsVIEW

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