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CCSU BBA (104) – Book Keeping and Basic Accounting

Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
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Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
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1 – Unit of Book Keeping and Basic Accounting

1Meaning of Book KeepingVIEW
2Process of Book keeping and AccountingVIEW
3Basic Terminology of accountingVIEW
4Subsidiary Books of accountsVIEW
5Difference between Accounting & Book keepingVIEW
6Importance of AccountingVIEW
7Limitations of AccountingVIEW
8Various users of Accounting InformationVIEW
9Accounting Principles, Conventions & ConceptsVIEW

2 – Unit of Book Keeping and Basic Accounting

1Accounting EquationVIEW
2Dual Aspect of AccountingVIEW
3Types of AccountingVIEW
4Rules of Debit & CreditVIEW
5Preparation of Journal and Cash book including Banking TransactionVIEW
6Ledger and Trial BalanceVIEW

3 – Unit of Book Keeping & Basic Accounting

1Rectification of errors preparation of Bank reconciliation StatementVIEW
2Bills of Exchange, Promissory notesVIEW

4 – Unit of Book Keeping and Basic Accounting

 UNIT 4 
1Valuation of stocksVIEW
2Accounting treatment of depreciationVIEW
3Reserve and ProvisionVIEW
4Preparation of final accounts along with adjustment entriesVIEW

5 – Unit of Book Keeping & Basic Accounting

 UNIT 5 
1issue of sharesVIEW
2issue of debenturesVIEW
3issue of bonus sharesVIEW
4Right issueVIEW
5Redemption of preference shares and debenturesVIEW
6Redemption of debenturesVIEW

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