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Android 11 Update- REDMI K20 PRO And Mi 9T PRO User Update Now

Android 11 Update

ANDROID 11 UPDATE: As expected, September 8 was marked by the official release of Google’s Android 11 update. Obviously, this is a date the benefits more the owners of Pixel smartphones. However, it all benefits the whole community thanks to the release of the source for the AOSP version. As a result, custom ROM developers can finally dig into the code and build custom AOSP versions for multiple smartphones. We’re yet in the first week, but the last year’s flagship killer, the Redmi K20 Pro, or Mi 9T Pro if you prefer, already has a stable Android 11 release.

Android 11 updates in Redmi K20 Pro

The c was released in the last years as Xiaomi’s response to the flagship killer segment. The device originally came with Android 9 Pie and received an Android 10 update from Xiaomi. Now, it’s up to the company to decide if this device will receive an Android 11 update. Meanwhile, users that don’t really care for MIUI can flash an AOSP-based Android 11 update.

New Android 11 Updates Bring features

The new update has been build by the XDA Developer Abhishek k987 and it does not bring any kind of fancy feature. Instead, we have a pure AOSP based build that allows you to test a very simple version of Android 11. That’s not a big problem if you just want to test the new update. Other basic hardware features are fully functional such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera (photo and video), Audio, Sensors, LED, GNSS, and most importantly, RIL ( the service behind calls, SMS, data, and VoLTE). Of course, you may run into a bug or two that could have bypassed the developer’s testing.

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